The Studio

Hello Friends! My name is Wes Valdez. I'm the designer and creator of Blob Blob Studio.

I love working with all kinds of materials, vibrant colorstextures, and organic structural forms. Making objects and experimenting with process is a passion of mine. Every piece we make in the studio is part of how I share that joy with you!

Justin, our Logistics Manager, takes care of vital business organization and management. (Things I'm not the best at... Thanks Justin!)

Studio Assistants, Mandie (@tyedyepefection_glass), Jessica (@Jessica.tsai), and Gina (@MokaMelts) are incredibly motivated and skilled artists building creative futures of their own. Blob Blob Studio Assistants have a major part in most of our one of a kind handmade pieces. It takes years of training, practice, dedication to their craft, and raw talent to be as skilled as they are. I'm very grateful to have them on the team!

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Thanks for stopping by!