Pincer Ear Hangers/Weights

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New to the shop! We're introducing jewelry for gauged ears now. Currently we have these three pair of Pincers available, but look for more sizes and colors and patterns coming in future shop updates.

Uniquely crafted from molten borosilicate glass, these are durable wearable sculptures. It takes incredible skill to make a single one, let alone make a matching pair so cleanly. Our in-house flameworker, Jessica Tsai, painstakingly brings our designs to life!

1. Phoenix Pink and Chartreuse 1/2" gauge - 2" long from top to tip
2. Transparent Purple and Sky Blue 7/16" gauge - 1.5" long from top to tip
3. Celadon and Lemon Yellow 7/16" gauge - 1.5" long from top to tip