Micro Lux Captus Crystal


(CURRENT WAIT TIME FOR CRYSTALS IS AT LEAST 6 WEEKS. If you'd be willing to wait then please place your order. Thank you for your patience!)

A small gem of glimmering colors. These glass crystals pack the punch of the larger ones, but can easily be carried around in your pocket and make great gifts to loved ones. To see them in action, head over to my Instagram page @blob_blobber For more information about the colors, caring for your crystal, and more, check out the Info tab at the top of the page.

Laminated hand-carved glass

Color Options:

Ember: crimson/yellow/orange
Fire: orange/ red/ blue
Rose gold: peach/gold/blue
Royal: gold/green/ deep blue
Potion: emerald/ violet
Mint: turquoise/magenta
Sea: teal/ light blue/ pink
Lapis: blue/gold
Moon: purple/ blue /yellow
Lavender: light purple/blue/green
Bloom: bright pink/emerald green
Starlight: silver blue/crimson

They are carved by hand so sizes vary, but average 1.5ā€ x 1.5ā€ x 1.5ā€

Due to material price increases the prices have risen slightly

šŸŒ International shipping may incur separate customs fees, which I will not be responsible for, though I've tried to factor that into the basic shipping price below. šŸŒ