Large Blob Bowls

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Blob Bowls are handmade, hot-sculpted, and carved glass catch-all dishes with a bit of magic added for good measure! These simple forms take a lot of time to create, and as such, I hope they’ll hold your most cherished tiny items.

These bowls are made to order by hand. Please allow us 2-3 weeks to make. If a rush order is needed. Email us at [email protected]

Color Shifts 🌈🌈🌈

Royal: golden yellow/ light green/ deep blue
Fire: yellow/ red/ blue
Ember: flashes of deep red and orange/light blue
Moon: purple/ blue /yellow
Sea: teal/ light blue/ pink
Potion: emerald/ violet
Rose gold: peach/gold/blue
Lapis: blue/gold
Lavender: light purple/light green
Mint: mint green/magenta
Bloom: bright pink/emerald green
Starlight: Silvery white/light blue/ deep crimson

Roughly 5” round x 2.5” tall

Unlike regular bowls, these have an otherworldly glow that reflects and illuminates anything you set on top of it. The colors shift as you move around them in the most beautiful way.