Golden Arch Ear Weights

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New to the shop! We're introducing jewelry for gauged ears now. Currently we have this pairs available, but look for more sizes and colors coming in the future.

*Warning* If you have smaller ear holes it may be tricky to put them on with the bumps and may need to stretch your ears a little to get them to fit. These are roughly OO gauge (11mm - 7/16") They're meant to be ear weights for folks that have larger than OO gauge size. The blue dot at the bottom may need a 14mm (9/16) Ear hole to fit.

2" long, 10 grams

Uniquely crafted from molten borosilicate glass, these are durable wearable sculptures. It takes incredible skill to make a single one, let alone make a matching pair so cleanly. Our in-house flameworker, Jessica Tsai, painstakingly brings our designs to life!