Bulla Pendant Necklace 6: Fire

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Have you ever seen a piece of jewelry that just looked like it held some kind of magical secrets? That is what I was trying to achieve with these new pieces, and I think they turned out more beautiful than I could have ever hoped!

The set jewels are crafted from fused, laminated, hand carved, and polished glass. The color of the blob gem shifts from reds, yellows, and oranges into blues and purples depending on the lighting and the color behind it.

The 21" necklace and setting are smithed from sterling silver that is then oxidized to give the silver an intentional black tarnish. Then the high points are then buffed to highlight the setting's hand crafted beauty. The more you wear the necklace, the more shine you will see as the tarnish is worn away. It will return to black over time if not worn regularly. In a way, your use of the necklace will determine the silver's tone making it uniquely yours.

These elaborate pieces hold a very special place in my jewelry making career. I'm excited to keep working on their design!

To see the process of making them head to our Instagram page @blob_blobber and TikTok @BlobBlobStudio