Blob Blob Rainbow Crystal Window Cling


They're Back!

When the sunlight hits this prismatic window cling it casts an array of rainbow rays all over the room! The sticker itself also sparkles and changes color as you move around it. It brings a smile to my face every time it’s rainbow hour! I love how much it brightens my home. Installation directions below!

Clear cling with white paper backing

6 inches x 6 inches

United States priority mailing only if ordered without other items. I've had them go missing in the past using snail mail and without tracking its difficult to know where they went. I want to make sure your clings get to the right place every time.

If you're ordering other items along with these window clings I can easily add them to any order with the other associated shipping costs on the rest of your order.

If you’d like only the window clings and live outside the US, email me at [email protected] for the mailing costs and I can adjust the order for you.

Installation Instructions:
Hang in a window that gets direct sunlight. For best adhesion to your window, wash window thoroughly, spray with clean water. While the window is wet, stick in place and adjust if necessary. Use a soft cloth to push any trapped water out from behind sticker. It may look hazy at first. Let the water underneath fully dry. Then enjoy your rainbows!