Lux Crystal Shapes and Colors Information


Crystals come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, which are described in each item's description throughout the shop.

When a crystal's shape is not described specifically, then it is amorphous. Amorphous crystals are faceted randomly, which gives each of them a uniquely structured shape. - what's shown in the photo is just an example of how one might look.

Crystals come in a these colors, shown in the photos here and described as follows:

Fire Shift (Red/Orange/Blue)
Mint Shift (Mint Green/Magenta)
Moon Shift (Purple/Yellow/Blue)
Sea Shift (Teal/Pink)
Royal Shift (Gold/Blue)
Lavender Shift (Lavender/Light Green)
Potion Shift (Emerald Green/Violet)
Ember (Deep Red/Light Blue) - very transparent but flashes like it's "on fire"
Rose Gold (Peachy/Orange/Blue)
Bloom (Silver Pink/Emerald Green)
Lapis (Blue/Yellow)
Starlight (silver blue/ crimson)